Prior to installation, please check the only pre-requisite for MLab:

Matlab R2012b or higher should be installed on your computer.

To install MLab on your computer, please follow the following instructions:

This is it !

NB: If Matlab asks you wether to "Change folder ..." or "Add to path ...", you can choose either option, it will work the same.

MLab is highly configurable: take a few minutes now to learn how to make it fit your expectations.

At the end of installation, a link will be prompted so that you can reach the configuration panel in a click. After installation, you can access the configuration panel anytime with the command:


The configuration panel

The configuration panel looks like this:

MLab Configuration ⊞ Startup ⊞ User info ⊞ Updates Plug-ins ...

The elements in blue are links: click on them to unfold subpanels.

The Startup subpanel

Let's start with the startup panel. If this is your first MLab installation and if you have not created a startup.m file for your Matlab, the panel should display a message like this:

⊟ Startup No startup file is present in your search path. Click here to try to do it automatically.

To use the MLab startup options, a startup.m file should be created.

If you don't create a startup.m file, you won't be able to use the MLab startup options. In this case you will have to start MLab manually at every Matlab session. This can be done with the following commands:

addpath(genpath('Your/path/to/MLab/'), '-end'); % Add MLab paths recursively ML.start % Start MLab

Where 'Your/path/to/MLab/' shoudl be replaced by your path to MLab. As this is teddious, you will probabbly prefer to use the automatic startup options.

To use the automatic startup options, try first the automatic generation of the startup.m file by clicking on "here" in the startup subpanel. If the automatic generation fails (most likely for permission issues) you will have to follow the displayed instructions to create the startup.m file.

Once the startup.m file is created, the startup panel should ressemble this:

⊟ Startup Yes Check for updates at startup Yes Start MLab at startup

Click on the Yes/No links to toggle options.

If you toggle off "Start MLab at startup", you will need to start MLab manually at the beginning of each session. This can be done by the command:


The User info subpanel

This subpanel is reserved for use in future plugins (e.g. version management). At the moment you can define your username and your email adress, but it will not be used.

Note that these informations stay local and are not sent to anyone. Your privacy is our concern.

The Updates subpanel

This subpanel is for updates management.

You can configure the MLab mirror URL, but it is recommended to let the factory settings here.

The "Search for files to delete" option is for debug purposes only, you shoudl not toggle it off.